For the love of bees...

Printable coffins for bees and other tiny creatures

Give your deceased buzzy garden friends a dignified send-off with an eco-friendly paper coffin.

• Free to download for personal use.
• No glue necessary
• Biodegradable
• Use standard-weight copy paper, wrapping paper, brown paper...
• Decorate however you like
• Pack your bee's coffin with leaves, petals and wildflower seeds to make a tiny seed bomb.

There are currently four sizes available for download, ranging from 20-29mm long.

The double-walled design means that you can use 75-80gsm paper, so no scoring is required.

Click on the icons below to view, download and print

The story behind the bee coffins...

This page is dedicated to Probie, a very special bee who deserved a very special coffin.

There isn't enough time (or lolly sticks) to make one like this for every bee. Thus began the paper coffin project.

Now anyone who feels that their special beeple deserve a dignified burial can print their own flat-pack casket.

• Are you bonkers about bees? Check out his mum's Instagram.